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Guidelines, Deed Restrictions,and Maps

The Architectural Standards and Deed Restrictions were founded to ensure lot owners a community of enduring prestige and value.

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC)  meets once a month to review remodeling requests and proposed new construction plans.This includes, but is not limited to; home additions, patios, driveways, color changes, fencing and certain Landscaping.

Please contact the ACC to determine the next Meeting Date and to find out what is needed to proceed with you project.

Send the ACC an eMail  acc@pelicanbayandisland.com

Pelican Bay and Island is a planned residential community developed in 4 sections. Construction started in 1985, the last section was ready for homes in 1993.

Below you will find a copy of our Architectural Control Committee Guidelines that covers All Sections as well as separate Deed Restrictions, and Maps for each of the four individual section.

To locate your proper Deed Restriction, Plat Map, and Section Drawing, first identify your Lot Section in the Full Layout Map below, then click on the appropriate Link below the map.

The Architectural Control Committee Guidelines - All Sections

Section 1

Deed Restrictions - Sec. 1

Subdivision Map - Sec. 1

Subdivision Plat Map - Sec. 1

Section 2

Deed Restrictions - Sec. 2

Subdivision Map - Sec. 2

Subdivision Plat Map - Sec. 2

Pelican Island

Deed Restrictions - Pelican Island

Subdivision Map - Pelican Island

Subdivision Plat Map - Pelican Island

Section 4

Deed Restrictions - Sec. 4

Subdivision Map - Sec. 4

Subdivision Plat Map - Sec. 4

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